Most people would say that their life is not normal, what is normal? No one’s life is exactly the same, I know mine is like no others. But that’s what makes it mine and I think that is a great thing. Unfortunately many of us do not embrace the differences in our life. We generally look at other people’s lives and long to have them, the grass is always greener right? I am all too guilty of doing this but I don’t want to anymore. I want to embrace my life, for this is the only one I get.

I am a wife to a full time musician and mom to 3 beautiful girls. A is 6, E is 4 and G is 2. I want to teach my children at an early age that life is a precious gift and to never take it for granted. I want to teach them to love all people even if they disagree because no ones heart was ever changed through arguing. And I want to teach them to love the little things in life because those are some of the sweetest. As I record our big and little moments on this blog, I hope it will remind us to give thanks for the life we have been given.

I stumbled across a definition for the word extraordinary and loved it. It said it meant strange and wonderful. I think it describes life beautifully. Life is strange, its sad sometimes, its hard, its tiring, it can be disappointing and it goes by way too fast. But even in all its difficulties, it is wonderful. That’s the perspective I want have. Life truly is extraordinary and I want to embrace it. You should too.