Outfit and baby


I think I really need to come up with a better name for these posts. Got any suggetions? Oh well it works for now. We are moving right along at 17 weeks now and I mean we are really moving! I finally felt our sweet little one kicking away this week. It never ceases to amaze me when I feel those little pops in my belly. And that fact that an actual human being is in there just becomes more real. I am feeling pretty good except for the lack of sleep. I can’t believe its already happening, the tossing and turning, sleep is over rated right? We got some great snow over the weekend, it was beautiful. Not sure where my neck went in this picture guess it was hiding from the cold.

IMG_2578Dress: Gap maternity (from Gap outlet)

Sweater: New York and Company (from a few years ago)

Lace Slip: Altar’d State

Leggings: Old Navy

Leg warmers: DIY

Boots: JcPenney (from a few years ago)

Glasses: Coastal.com

I am loving my lace slip right now. As my belly expands my dresses and tunics get shorter. This slip is a great way to add length and some femininity  (is that a word?) And even better I have a DIY so you can make one. Look for it next week.



outfit and baby

I am 16 weeks pregnant and feeling pretty good, minus the headaches. I never really had headaches with my other pregnancies so this is new territory for me. Actually this pregnancy has been really different. I was on a crazy cheeseburger kick for a while, I ate 5 cheeseburgers in 7 days, weird. Glad that has passed. Mostly just tired and my belly is starting to show. I am soooo glad leggings and dresses and long shirts are in style. I could literally wear them all day and night ( I am guilty of going to bed in my leggings and long shirts way too many times).
Dress: Old Navy (thrifted)
Leggins: Target
Sweater: Banana Republic (from Gap outlet)
Boots: Meijer (clearance for $7!!)
Led warmers: home made (DIY coming soon)
Glasses: coastal.com
Necklace: Lisa Leonard

Fall tree

It’s true with us as most people, WE LOVE FALL. The crisp air, the smell of bonfires, the beauty in the trees and their leaves, warm drinks, extra cuddles, the getting dark earlier so your kids think they have to go to bed earlier…… We decided to work on a little fall craft to bring some of the beauty outside in. Plus it got us out of doing some of our book work (we homeschool). We went in our backyard and collected small branches and pretty leaves. ImageOnce back inside we took a blank canvas and I hot glued the branches on in a way to resemble a tree. ImageImageThe girls then used school glue and rubbed it on the back of the leaves with q-tips then stuck them on the “tree”. ImageImageAfter that we glued on some yarn to spell the word ‘fall’ and hung it on our wall. The wall needed a bit more so we added a free printable I found on pinterest and a little owl a sweet friend had given me. Viola! We had our fall wall.Image ImageThinking about adding some little tags to the tree with things we are thankful for this month.¬† All in all it was a super easy project and it was really fun collecting the leaves with my girls. I told them to find the prettiest leaves they could and several times they would say , “mommy look at this beautiful leaf.” Of course to me the leaf had holes and dirt and wasn’t all that great. But they didn’t see it, they just saw the beauty in the color of the leaf and looked completely past its imperfections. My how these little ones teach me so much. Image




Most people would say that their life is not normal, what is normal? No one’s life is exactly the same, I know mine is like no others. But that’s what makes it mine and I think that is a great thing. Unfortunately many of us do not embrace the differences in our life. We generally look at other people’s lives and long to have them, the grass is always greener right? I am all too guilty of doing this but I don’t want to anymore. I want to embrace my life, for this is the only one I get.

I am a wife to a full time musician and mom to 3 beautiful girls. A is 6, E is 4 and G is 2. I want to teach my children at an early age that life is a precious gift and to never take it for granted. I want to teach them to love all people even if they disagree because no ones heart was ever changed through arguing. And I want to teach them to love the little things in life because those are some of the sweetest. As I record our big and little moments on this blog, I hope it will remind us to give thanks for the life we have been given.

I stumbled across a definition for the word extraordinary and loved it. It said it meant strange and wonderful. I think it describes life beautifully. Life is strange, its sad sometimes, its hard, its tiring, it can be disappointing and it goes by way too fast. But even in all its difficulties, it is wonderful. That’s the perspective I want have. Life truly is extraordinary and I want to embrace it. You should too.